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Welcome to Martin Chiropractic Clinic.  Chiropractic is derived from a Greek word where chiro means “hand” and practic means “practice”, which literally translates to practice with your hands.  Chiropractic is a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical based alternative medicine that utilizes skilled manipulations, therapeutic modalities, nutrition, rehabilitation exercises, mobilizations, diet, vitamins, herbs and other supplements.  Chiropractic was originally developed in 1890 by Daniel David Palmer, who was originally a magnetic healer. 

There are two main categories of Chiropractors - straight and mixer.  Straight chiropractors focus on the “Innate Intelligence” that flows throughout a person’s body.  It is undeniable that there is some force; call it Innate Intelligence, Qi or energy that drives our bodies to function properly as well as heal itself. Straight chiropractors believe that vertebral subluxations that disrupt this flow of energy are the cause for all diseases.  Straight chiropractors primarily utilize adjustments to correct these subluxations, which will inevitably lead to the restoration health.  Mixed chiropractors, on the other hand, have a more functional view of diseases.  They view the cause of most diseases as coming from biomechanical dysfunctions (improper body movements), poor posture, trauma and nutritional imbalances.  Mixed chiropractors utilize a variety of therapeutic modalities, rehabilitation exercises and nutritional diets and supplementation.  The combined effects of these modalities enhances the healing of the bodies tissues by stimulating the nervous system to remove the damaged cells and promotes the growth of new cells. 

Martin Chiropractic Clinic is a full service (mixed) clinic that uses many different therapeutic modalities, acupuncture and vitamins in combination with adjustments to treat our patients.  However, we have not completely abandoned our chiropractic roots.  We still believe that there is a natural force that fuels the body, but we have a more functional view of the cause of pain and disease.  Our clinic was established in St. Charles in February of 1981.  During the growth and development of our clinic, it has changed locations twice before coming to rest at our current address 1601 E. Main St. Suite 1Bin St. Charles. I hope that this website instills an accurate view of chiropractic and our general philosophy of chiropractic to you. 


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